July 10, 2013

"Che-Chee" means Checkered and Cheetah. Nonsense, right?! Hahaha. But AAAAH. I missed blogging outfit post! More post is coming so please wait for it. For the outfit details, I decided to wear something simple but will capture the hearts of the people around me. I'm sorry for the messy hair, I guess I badly need a hair treatment. I match the blue checkered polo with a cream sando because the combination of the two are very perfect!!! I love how the printed cheetah flats gave more color to my outfit. What can you guys say about it! Please do comment your ideas! (Photo Credits: Roann Canar and Paula Alexis)

"Shine bright like a diamond in the sky."

I love how this arm candy from is so classy. You can also match it with any outfit! They also offers Clothing for Women and Bridal Gowns. The price are very cheap but the quality of the items are good! You can trust this site. Trust me. The staffs are very kind. ;)

Outfit details:
Sando: Hotkiss
Polo: FG
Pants: Herbence
Flats: Solemate
Bracelet: Clothingloves

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