Features: Fashionista! by Jonea Ani

October 4, 2013

 Blog post feature from http://joneamildredani.wordpress.com/

Hi Jonea, my dear. Thank you for this unexpected blog feature of yours, bro. You don't know how happy I am. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my talent with you and I am so blessed to know that you can see my potential in this kind of industry. I felt so happy when I saw your blog post. It was just unexpected. Remember when I told you awhile ago that I am crying? That's true. I feel so happy to know that you appreciates my little acts. And I know that you love me as I love you, bro. Stay awesome and pretty. Always remember that I will never let you feel alone as long as you're with me. I love you so much, forever. :) 

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