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October 18, 2013

Hello guys! We're already having our semestral break. Sadly, mine is so unproductive. Kain + Tulog + Net + Kain + Tulog = UNPRODUCTIVE. See? Well, I guess, some of you feel the same way too. But that's not the big deal here, anyway. I HAVE A GOOD NEWS! I passed English Communication I. Praise you Lord for that! I'm really so grateful for this blessing. I also want to give thanks to my lovely and brainy professor letting us pass this Communication course. <3 

This "1973" Print Black T shirt is from Romwe"Super-soft cropped T-shirt in blended cottont, lightweight construction topped with "1973" print, dual-tone white line on the cuffs and hem, featuring round neck, short sleeves, cut in a relaxed silhouette. Perfect with the shorts, pants and jeans." Check Romwe's site now!!! 
The previous month, I received a pair of Sneakers from my Mom. Well, I must say that, I'm not really a fan of sneakers. But, guess what? This one's really one of a kind! The style was so catchy that I can't keep my eyes off it. Exaggerated huh? But that's serious. NOT ONLY THAT! It's so comfortable to wear and it really gave me a chic look when I wore it! Now I'm lovin' World Balance's shoes. Especially, their newest shoes called "Vanity". I love it so much that's why it's included on my Christmas Wishlist! *coughs* *  Ok, I'll end this by saying, I hope to have one very soooooon :))) 

Guys paki add daw po yung friend kong si Kael ( ) Pakilike din daw po nga mga posts nyang pictures. Salamat po! 

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