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November 24, 2013

Happy Sunday everyone!!! Thank you for the 14506 page views since I unofficially started my fashion blog last October (click here). Thank you so much guys!! To my family, friends and supportive college friends ( hello Jonea, Jennica, Kael and others, I love you guys!!!) 

Also, thank you to my awesome sponsors!!! <3
Hello babe. (baka sabihin mo nanaman nakalimutan kita tapos sasabihin mo "unge unge" hahahaha) Thank you babe for being so supportive and for loving me! I love you so much, alam mo yan kahit baliw ako syempre ikaw din. :*

| Sunflower vest, Romwe. Rhombus bodycon skir, Romwe.  Boots, Primadonna |

Anyways. here are my wishlist this week. :) 

Flower Print High-Top Hidden Wedge SneakerGorgeous Patent Platform Pumps Red
Pure Color Platform High Heel ShoesSimple Design Elegant High Heel
1. Flower Print High-Top Hidden Wedge Sneaker (Seriously, i'm not into wedge sneakers but this one really captured my attention.) 
2. Gorgeous Patent Platform Pumps Red (Even tho I already have a red pumps, I still believe that I need this in my life)
3. Pure Color Platform High Heel Shoes (Great for some parties.)
4.  Simple Design Elegant High Heel (Classy baby!!!)
Stylish Color Block Canvas BackpackRetro Printed Clutch
New PU HandbagVintage Belts Messager Bag
1. Stylish Color Block Canvas Backpack (I love this backpack! Use this if you wanna be stylish and comfortable at the same time.)
2. Retro Printed Clutch (Great with jeans or dress)
3. PU Handbag & 4. Vintage Belts Messager Bag (Good thing about vintage bags is that you can pair it with any color of your choice.)

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