Christmas 2013

December 27, 2013

Hello everyone! I told myself that I will post this outfit next year but I just can't.... Lol. I just wanna take this opportunity to say what's on my mind these past few days.... 
"I am not blogging to gain followers nor Facebook likes. If you think that I am blogging just because I wanna be famous and be called a "chix", think twice. ;)"

Okay.. time to inhale the positive and exhale the negative!!! So... How was your Christmas this year? I spent the day with my family (our tradition), and I had a blast!!! Also, this year is kinda different for me.. because, it's my first time (as a teenager) to go to my ninang's for some $$$$ lol College na kasi eh, pang photocopy lang lol 
Now everyone's excited for New Year!!!!!! Will surely welcome 2014 with love!!!!
Fashion:Passion(bigger&better): My blog's theme this year. Excited style blogger over here!!! :) 
Now for my outfit, paired the Team Manila shirt with rhombus skirt and sneakers because I want to be simple and comfortable. 
Top, Team Manila | Skirt and Bracelet, Romwe | Sneakers, World Balance

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