What Happened in 2013

December 30, 2013

So before this day ends (the last Monday of 2013, which means the next Monday is... </3 CLASSES LOL), I just wanna share to everyone, some of unforgettable events/ moment in my life for this year. 

My Senior Promenade, last year was unforgettable and kinda embarrassing but this year....we all had a crazy and wild night! My batch mates and I gave our very best to dance like there is no tomorrow HAHA 
After a night of fun and craziness, my friends and I slept at Shiela's house. Hihi one of the best nights of my life!!!! Kim, Allaine and Shiela.. Thank you for the craziness hahahaha!!! Pauline you are so kj joke joke hahaha I love you bhes :-*

My 2013 is full of cuteness, craziness, weirdness, happiness and so much more because of my one and only baby. I might be the baddest girlfriend on earth but thats just the way of showing my love for him. He's all in one, my adviser, brother, boyfriend, bestfriend, sister nor mother. I know he wants the best for me and I'm so thankful to have him in my life. hey babe I love you so much. Sean Devin Tan = My life
My high school life is kinda awesome and my last year as an Augustinian is really unforgettable. Chelsea, Aina, Sheila, Wyn, Rj, Pauline, Rhem, Allaine and all (so many too mention= Saint Ignatius) YOU ARE ALL MISSED awesome and weird friends of mime. Everything is just so memorable, every second of the day are so meaningful with all of you. I am hoping that after four or five years, we are all successful yet kind and humble. 
Also, my crazy college friends who pushed and help me to be more serious in fashion blogging. :) here's to more years with you guys!
                                    I think 2013 is one of my best years. I was able to discover what I really want in life. A year of happiness with the one that I love, family and friends. I'm so excited what's in store for me this 2014. Here's to more years!!!!!
I can feel that 2014 is also my year lol. Hoping that I will be more productive next year. I am so ready to take risks. Enjoy  life with my friends and family. Also, I need to make bawi to my baby love. <3 thank you everyone for a year of fun and knowledge. Hoping for a better 2014!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!! Ting ting ting ting lol =)))))))) 

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