Classy Outfit

January 22, 2014

Last time, I decided to shoot an outfit post to be productive. I was about to publish this last night but I was so tired and sleepy. By the way, my giveaway is still up!!!! Please feel free to join! Just click HERE to enter!

What I can say about the outfit? CLASSY!!!!!! Isn't it? Please say yes!!! :) Boho top and rhombus skirts are so in last year. I have 2 color for the boto top but I gave the other one to my girl friend. For now, I want to share what are the 5 things that are making me happy right now. 
1. Me= irregular student
2. Food
3. New friends
4. Fashion blogging
5. My family and boyfriend
Don't ask me why "Me= irregular student" is on my list. It's just that I was able to meet new friends. Irregular or regular is just the same. What makes it different is the schedule. :) Fashion blogging makes me feel so complete and different from others. It helps me boost my self confidence. 
Top, Bubbles | Skirt, Romwe | Heels, CNDirect | Bag, Mom's | Necklace, Efoxcity

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