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January 3, 2014

Hello everyone! Yesterday was a blast. My true friends and I had a movie date. We watched "Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy", we really had a great time. The word "rich kid" was really a trend for us yesterday! Hahahaha bully forever! I was about to buy a planner but I asked myself if I really need it since I already have a blog. What do you think? 

The lovely and unique rings are from Rings and ting! The infinity and twist arrow wing rings are so beautiful! Love how perfect they are! Sadly, it doesn't fit me so I might not be able to use it all the time! "Rings and Tings is an online fashion store stocking the most unique piece of fashion at a reasonable price. From Jewellery to watches, every detail is important and can add character to an outfit. Rings and Tings will be there to provide that little special treasure that shall be cherished forever. Rings & Tings was created by Joys Cheung and Yiunam Leung - both creative students studying in London. It all started off as a petite boutique stall in Brick Lane market selling unique rings and things In East London. The little stall was getting more popular by the week and soon Rings & Tings moved into its own little studio space (Joys apartment!!) and its own shop URL. After Joys and Yiunam both graduated in early 2012, Rings & Tings moved to a bigger office with a dedicated creative team in Hong Kong Island." Grabbed from
Top, Olinonefashion | Pants, JAG | Shoes, SM Parisian | Rings, Rings and Tings | Pullover, Udobuy | Bracelet, Dualshine
The top that Olinonefashion sent me is really a must have! Great with a pink baroque skirt nor a pair of jeans. What I love about the top is it's smooth texture. Good for paties or simple events with friends or family. A comfy and unique top I must say. You can also contact me if you wanna buy something from Olinonefashion, I am willing to help. :) 
(Sorry for the super awkward pose lol.. and for the sprite's bottle as well hahaha) 

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