October 20, 2016

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Style We

October 6, 2016

Are you tired of buying clothes from fashion websites that offers the same kind of clothes? Well, this post is definitely for you. We have to admit it, most of the fashion websites today offer same clothes to each of hell and yes, it is very tiring and boring. Good for you because I will tell you a secret, I found a fashion website that offers something special! They design their own clothes! AHA! This website is what we prayed for! Who wants to bump into someone in the mall or school who has the same clothes as you? No one, right?!

I’d like to introduce Style We! This website offer clothes that are designed by their independent designers. They have a lot of young designers that you don’t want to miss. These designers are making their way up to the top! You could choose which designed fits your taste. The site’s goal is to develop relationship between their customers and designers, which is a good thing. I personally prefer to shop to a site that has designers that I could contact to so I could further discuss what I want. Yes, you could do it in Style We.

Shirtdresses are in trend right now as it is very comfortable to wear. As I was browsing their websites, there are dresses that I liked. Some of these are the dresses posted above, I love the red dresses because it gives that sweet look that any woman likes. The color is not irritating at all. I also liked the denim and white dress as it gives the chic look that I like in dresses. And it is very comfortable as well because it has belts in it, which is a plus to any dress because it gives shape to a person.

Right now, they are offering almost 300+ clothes in for Thanksgiving Day! You should check it out as you might find something that fits you style. They are active in their Twitter account as well, if you want a daily dose of fashion inspirations. 

Ball Gown Prom Dresses

All about Fashion Mia

It’s that time again when Christmas is starting to approach as well as the cold weather in our country. It also means wearing fashionable jackets or anything that would protect our body from being cold. Of course, as girls, we love to wear something unique that would catch the eyes of the people around us. As I was browsing the web to search for a website that offers something irresistible.

Luckily, I found Fashion MiaThis website offers it all! One of the things that's great about this shop is that it offers clothes to plus size women as well. It gives them the confidence to wear what they want to, because let's all be true, it's rare to find a website that offers plus size clothes, right? 

This shop offers variety of clothes which is a good thing. Their tops, bottoms, outerwear etc is so trendy and fits this generation's taste when it comes to clothing. As for me, I found a lot of clothes that fits my taste. And for that, I believe that it is time for me to share my top picks from this reliable fashion websitand maybe you might find yours too, so let's get started.

As a person who likes jackets, I was so happy when I saw their jackets. I liked how fashionable and super trendy their denim jackets are, especially these oversized and long denims that gives any person that comfy look. Their denims will give you that basic and chic vibe in your #OOTD’s! Jackets are so in right now in this cold weather that's why their trendy denim jackets tops my list.
Are you the type of person who believes that clothes makes a woman classy? I guess I did when I saw these blazers from their site. Since I've been seeing popular bloggers who wears this kind of jackets without putting efforts, I myself wants to wear something just like these. I really fell inlove with their chic blazers! It could be used to formal and informal occasions such as debuts etc. as well as going out with family and friends. Pair them with your favorite denim jacket if you're a student just like me and you are good to go!

Overall, I would really suggest buying in this site. Give it a try and check out their site and for sure you'll like it just like how I liked it because they offers super cheap yet good their products are. It's an advantage for us students who's an online shopping addict especially when it comes to clothes.

To know more about Fashion Mia, visit their website. Thank you!

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