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May 17, 2017 Philippines

Achieve your summer hair dreams with this hair extension and glow girl, GLOW!!!

 In the first week of May, I received a package from Best Hair Store. It includes 2 pieces of handmade comb, a pair of mink lashes (which I loved & used immediately!!) and ombre hair extension itself. The hair extension includes the following:

1 piece of 8 inches with 4 clips
2 pieces of 6 inches with 3 clips
2 pieces of 4 inches with 2 clips
2 pieces of 2 inches with 2 clips

They offer a lot of style. They offer clip in hair extensions such as 100g for beginners, 120g for fine hair, 130g for balyage hair and ombre hair extensions. I was so confused what to choose because I want to come up with a look that’s new to me. I was torn between getting color same as my hair or be playful with ombre.

I chose one of their ombre clip-in hair extensions because I want to see if this style will fit me. I was afraid that it won’t really work on me, but it did! True to its claim, I received the ombre style that I want and fell in love with it. I liked how soft they are and the fact that it was made from 100% human virgin hair!

They offer a super fast shipping method via DHL and I didn’t pay for any custom fee which is good. Really good! 
One good thing about their packaging is that the instructions for storing the hair extensions are included at the bottom of the box. It a reminder for the customers to take care of the extensions just like their own hair, to moisturize it 3 times a week, use a heat protectant when using the products, condition them deeply and trim the hair just like your own. 

Overall, I loved their extension and I plan to do more style using their hair extensions. I never tried wearing hair extensions so as a first time, I am really happy and satisfied since it's made of virgin hair!
Now, I want to do a review about these two hair extension from Best Hair Store. I'm thinking of recreating looks from celebrities. What do you think? 

Do visit their website now and pick your most wanted hair extension! ;-) 

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