Cheap bridesmaid dress

July 12, 2017

Last May, I attended my sister’s wedding as a bridesmaid. It was really fun and rewarding to see my only sister to get married. It was a rewarding feeling to see her on her brightest smile on her wedding. As a bridesmaid, there is lot of things that needs to do, like helping the bride to achieve her dream wedding.


July 4, 2017

When I was in high school, I had my Junior-Senior Prom and that was really one of my unforgettable days ever in my life. I get to see my friends with their make up on. I had the chance to dance with my crush while listening to Justin Bieber’s song “First Dance”.

Every moment was magical.

As girls, we all have that dream from gown that we really want to wear in that once in your life event. We would check out, search on Pinterest, and pin that dream dress so you will have an inspiration.

My dream dress was something classy, really. I was able to wear my dream dress and that completed my high school life along with the memories my experience had given me.

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