Bridesmaid dresses 2017

August 29, 2017

Last time, I shared with my favorite homecoming dresses from newarrivaldress. It was fun sharing with everyone my style when it comes to that kind of events. Now I wanna share my style when dressing up for a wedding.

 If you will be attending a wedding and is looking for the perfect dress, you are on the right place. This website offers cheap bridesmaid dresses and they are the bomb! Here are my favorites from their website. 
 This dress is my favorite of all! Just look at that color, lace and off shoulder style! It is everything I want. The color makes the dress super classy and dramatic. One thing that I love is that this dress will probably give life to my body shape.
If you are not a fan of bodycon, off the shoulder and lacey dresses, this one is for you.  It looks dramatic as well! This is the perfect halter cut and skirt for girls who like a dress that is simple yet dramatic! 
Sorry for giving you the exact color of dresses but girls, this dress is to die for!! What I love about this dress is the v-cut and the side pockets! V-cut neckline made the girls looked classy even though is dress is simple. Side pockets are the new “must have” in dresses because why not? I could just put my wallet and phone without bringing a bag! ;)
Okay okay! I’m obsessed with nudes, just like how I’m obsessed with those three dresses. Haha! Nudes are the new black, as they say! Look at that details, it is everything a bridesmaid looks for! What I love most about this dress is the material. It looks silky but a bit of cotton. Do you get me? I hope you do because I am about to buy this!
A nude dress again?! Sorry sorry but I love this one! Look at that lace details as well as those flows at the end of the dress! No need for extra accessory because the dress’ details is enough to make you look classy.

If you want a sexy bridemaids dresses, you should check their site because they have a lot  as well. Here are some of my favorites because of their colors . Choose your favorite dress, girl! 
These dresses would look good to anyone, you just have to find your own style. Goodluck on choosing yours, girl! :)

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