Dress up like Kylie ft. Yoins

August 8, 2017

Sure I have suggested to you people a lot of websites that sells items that are cheap and all. However, I never shared a website where you can purchase that “instagram baddie” looks and stuff! They have all that instagram stuffs that your favorite bloggers always wear in their beach trips or coffee nights. But this time I’d like to share to you people, a website that offers items that is truly affordable and can make your #ootd posts really strong! I found this website very budget friendly as well. This website is YOINS.

Now, most of us girls love to wear off shoulder tops in different styles because it is very trendy, right. I would like to share my top favorites from their website because they are very unique, especially their colors. I believe that people always wear the same color such as white or black, why not try something new such as mustard. There are a lot of trendy fashion women tops on their site, you just have to browse it and you’ll be amazed. From simple tank tops to the very fashionable tops, they all have it. P.S. They are in their lowest price! Good deal, right? 
The weather in the Philippines has been getting colder and colder since it is BER months already, which makes us girls happy because we can now wear our favorite sweaters. My sweaters have been always the normal knitted ones; however, I want to try something unique and more fashionable. I am so happy that they offer various stylish ladies sweaters! Below are some of my favorites from the site. Who wouldn't love these sweaters.. I badly want them all. I can't wait to wear them. ;)

For more items, visit their website.

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