Wedding Dresses 2018

December 9, 2017

On my last post, I shared my favorite from prom gowns from newarrivaldress because I wanted to help my young readers, specifically high school students to prepare and think what they want to wear on their big day.

Today, I am going to help my millennial readers what they should wear on their wedding day as I share my top favorite and unique weddingdress choices. First is a nude white dress that has super lacey details all over the dress. If you are someone who wants to looks sweet yet elegant on your wedding, then this one would definitely be your choice.
Just like the first one, the second dress has that sweet effect especially on the chest part. The dress is very simple and elegant. 
If you are a fan of Korean dramas, then this one is for you. Have you ever imagined wearing the dress of your favorite leading woman? This is your chance to do it and let your inner Korean come out.
The next gown is for some people who prefer to wear classic old type of gowns. Personally, I prefer this type of gown because I like clothes that cover up my body and I feel like this will make me feel very elegant and sweet. Just like in the picture, braid your hair or even curl it for your look to be more classic.
If you are a fan of plain ball gowns and wants to look daring yet sweet, then this one is for you. Also, it has a strap so you do not need to worry when you move. Browse their website to see more discount wedding dress of your choice.
If you really wants to be extra on your wedding day, then this one is for you! It has a lacey detail that most celebrities wear. Just look at those details in the chest area and bottom of the dress, amazing!
If you are a fan of ball gowns, I suggest this one for you because it also has super extra lacey details that will make you look really bomb on your wedding day. I want to wear this on my wedding ahhh!!
Are you not a fan of long sleeve style neither ball gowns? Then I suggest this one for you! This one will also give you the comfort that you want.
 Having a beach wedding? Then these two last wedding dresses are for you! 

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